Get answers to your questions about counselling, fees, group programs, insurance, and more.


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Get answers to your questions about counselling, fees, group programs, insurance, and more.

Counselling is a great tool for anyone that needs someone to talk to in their day to day life. It’s designed to alleviate mental health problems, deal with the stresses of everyday life, motivate you towards your goals, and explore your thoughts and worries. Counselling helps men and women of all ages receive support from someone trained in providing guidance, change, and a helpful ear.

Counselling absolutely is a great way to treat disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more, and if you believe you have any of these disorders, counselling is the best way to treat it. But counselling is not only for those with disorders. Counselling is also an amazing tool for helping anyone that simply needs guidance in dealing with the stresses, tensions, and anxieties of life. Counselling is great for couples, families, and individuals that need someone to talk to about their everyday experiences.

Counselling generally takes about an hour. Depending on whether you’re going through family/relationship counselling or individual counselling, you’ll be given a safe space to talk about the issues that are affecting your life. In counselling, you do not necessarily receive advice. Instead, your thoughts, worries, and concerns are all explored until we’ve helped facilitate your ability to experience change in both emotions and habits. During the initial session, your therapist will ask a series of questions (i.e. family history, family situation, etc.,) to better understand the nature of your problem. As a team effort, you are expected to be open and honest about your concerns and feelings, and work with your therapist to achieve your goals.

It depends on the individual. Once a week is recommended, especially if your goal is to receive regular support for current and future life issues. Those that are struggling may wish to come more often, and those that simply need someone on occasion may want to come only as needed. Talk to your counsellor to determine what’s right for you.

Counselling sessions are generally 50 minutes. Considerations can be made for those that need extra time, especially in family and group sessions.

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At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we make it our mission to facilitate positive change in all of our clients. Change can always be for the better or for the worse, and our role as your therapist is to make sure that you’re moving in the best direction for you.

Counselling is all about you, and what’s going on in your mind. It’s not about your parents (unless you want it to be), nor is it about your id, ego, or any of the terms you heard from your high school psychology classes. Counselling is about your thoughts, your worries, your concerns, and your life as it stands now. So if your work is causing you stress, that’s what we’ll explore. If your relationships are causing you stress, that’s what we’ll explore. Counselling is simply about exploring you, and finding out what’s causing you to feel the way you feel in your life.

No, not at all. Counselling is a medicine-free way to facilitate change. All you need is the willingness to talk about yourself and your thoughts.

Absolutely. We are bound by both ethics and law to keep all of your information confidential. The only exceptions are those that violate Canadian law – that includes any immediate threat to yourself or others, anything that puts a child in danger, and the prevention of a serious crime.

We at Innovative Counselling Solutions will recommend the counsellor that we believe is best fit for your needs. However, if you have a preference for a counsellor or you are not comfortable with a counsellor for any reason, let us know and we will find you a good fit.

At Innovative Counseling Solutions, we use an eclectic mix of therapies and styles depending on your needs. Examples include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy to those that need it. We also offer relationship counselling, family counselling, and spiritual counselling, and use different disciplines within those counselling modalities to help you with your needs.

Personal change is a difficult process. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and to let someone else be your guiding hand towards an emotionally healthier future. Because it is difficult for people to put their trust in the hands of others, it’s important to work with someone that you connect with – someone that creates the warm, supportive, and communicative environment you need.

We strive to make sure that you feel the level of trust that helps you benefit from the therapeutic process. We provide a supportive, respectful, and collaborative therapeutic environment that allows you to actively explore your concerns, challenges, and values.

We believe that the best way to guide you through positive change is to create a healthy and authentic environment, where your relationship with the therapist allows you to let go and create your better future.

Innovative Counselling Solutions uses an integrated approach to therapy, where the type of therapeutic solutions are matched to the needs and personality of the client.

In order to do that, the therapist has to get to know you as a person – not by psychiatric labels, but by getting to know who you are, where your life is, and the change you’re hoping to achieve.

In the very first session, you and your therapist will address several factors that will help you both decide the future of your therapy sessions. There will be some personal questions, because opening up is an important part of therapy, but our therapists simply want to get to know you. We’ll go over:

  • Why you decided to seek out therapy.
  • How you’re currently feeling about your life.
  • What your past was like, and what your present entails.

We’ll discuss any symptoms that you’ve been experiencing, some of the thoughts that you’ve been having, and your history with therapy and mental health.

We’ll be there to get to know you, and once we know you we can start making decisions together that will help facilitate positive change in your future.

Our therapists are here to work with you and nurture you towards a better future. When you’re ready to work with someone trained to facilitate positive change in your life, contact Innovative Counselling Solutions and let’s set you on a better path.

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