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We provide a variety of therapeutic strategies, creating a judgment-free environment that carefully examines your struggles and teaches you skills to communicate, solve problems, manage/resolve conflicts and cope with relationship stress.


Relationships are one of the most important parts of the human experience.
Quality relationships build up our self-esteem, help us feel as though we can accomplish any goal, and maintain happiness even through the hard times.
Struggling relationships hurt our self-esteem, damage motivation, and make it hard to feel comfortable in our own home.

When a relationship is struggling, the instinct is often to run away. But difficult relationships can often be saved – provided both partners re-learn their love, their trust, and how to give of themselves in the relationship.


Couples counselling can always be valuable – even in healthy couples looking to make sure they have open communication and guidance. However, there are often signs that a relationship could benefit from outside help:

  • When you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells.
  • When you’re fighting with your partner in your mind, even when nothing happened.
  • When your arguing is starting to affect the kids.
  • When you would rather be out alone than go home to see your partner.
  • When the idea of making love, being intimate, or being close isn’t enjoyable.
  • When the trust is gone or you need to overcome a serious problem.
  • When you’re always trying to change your partner, not yourself.
  • When you’re ready to leave what was once a great relationship.

There are many different times when couples counselling could be beneficial, but the easiest is to simply ask yourself “does your relationship need help?” Often, it’s far too hard to change a struggling relationship without some type of guidance, because the two of you are too connected to your habits to make any changes without it.


While healing a relationship takes time, couples counselling is one of the secrets to making sure that you rebuild open communication and work through your issues in a safe and judgment-free place. At Innovative Counselling, we provide several solutions that can help you with your relationship needs. These include:

We are happy to work with dating couples, engaged couples, married couples, or even divorced couples in helping you mend your relationship. Our goal is not to judge or take sides. Our goal is to work with the issues that you, as a team, have been struggling with.

Contact us today to find out more about my couples counselling services. If you think you’re ready to be healed, we’re happy to discuss next steps and get your relationship back on the right track.

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Innovative Counselling Solutions uses an integrated approach to therapy, where the type of therapeutic solutions are matched to the needs and personality of the client.

At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we offer several decades of experience helping men and women like you heal.

Our goal is to provide emphatic understanding, with cutting-edge interventions and practical solutions in the context of a safe and supportive environment. A place you can share your concerns, problems, and desires so that by working together we can reclaim your lost self, create the change you need and bring meaning to your life.