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We provide family counselling services for parents, children, and even distant family members to help repair relationships and ensure that the family dynamic is as healthy as possible.

Counselling For Families

Society underrates the value of a healthy family dynamic. Families are expected to be hectic and disorganized, and problems are passed off as the normal part of being together. It provides labels that are damaging, and often excuses behaviors that could lead to stress among all family members:

  • The “problem” teenager.
  • The distant dad.
  • The overworked mom.
  • The difficult in laws.
  • The naughty child.

Families are expected to behave and act a certain way, and so even if those behaviors end up putting considerable stress on the family dynamic, far too often nothing is done.


Healthy relationships with your family members are so important for your happiness and the happiness of your family. It’s not about what’s normal and what’s not. It’s about learning to openly communicate and share with those that have played and will continue to play such an important role in your life.

So if you feel that something is off in your family – whether it’s trouble with parenting or something more serious, like a divorce or death of a loved one – family therapy is there to help you pick up those pieces and rebuild your family relationship.


With my family counselling services in Calgary, it’s my goal to help work with your family and create a safe space to talk about what’s affecting you all, and what can be done to improve the family dynamic. Services include:

  • Skills training for healthy families.
  • Spiritual training for families of faith.
  • Dealing with separation and divorce.
  • Parenting strategies for teens and kids.
  • Healing in-law relationships.
  • Blended family issues.

Families are such an important part of living happy and healthy, and a family with one that has working relationships can overcome any obstacles set in front of them.


It’s with that in mind that Innovative Counseling Solutions, Inc. is happy to offer thorough and supportive family counselling in Calgary, for any family living in or around the Calgary area that needs a change. Our family counselling services will work with every member of your family and find the underlying problems while creating a supportive environment for each and every one of you.

We’re a team of individuals that recognize the importance of a healthy family dynamic on all of your mental health, and we’re confident that we can work together to facilitate the positive changes you need.

Your family means the world to you. Let’s make sure that it’s receiving the attention that it needs to thrive. Contact us today to get started.

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Innovative Counselling Solutions uses an integrated approach to therapy, where the type of therapeutic solutions are matched to the needs and personality of the client.

At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we offer several decades of experience helping men and women like you heal.

Our goal is to provide emphatic understanding, with cutting-edge interventions and practical solutions in the context of a safe and supportive environment. A place you can share your concerns, problems, and desires so that by working together we can reclaim your lost self, create the change you need and bring meaning to your life.