Calgary Abuse Counselling

Abuse may not be physical either. Many people live with abusive family members or in abusive relationships where the abuser never lays one hand on them, but is still just as abusive. 

Calgary Abuse Counselling

Abuse can be a cycle. When you live with an abuser, you experience so many downs that even the smallest “up” gives you hope that things will end, only for the cycle to repeat again. Abuse breaks you down mentally, and in some cases you may not even realize that it has been eating away at you until it’s too late.

Abuse may not be physical either. Many people live with abusive family members or in abusive relationships where the abuser never lays one hand on them, but is still just as abusive. Because abuse reduces a person’s self-esteem and the way they see the world, there are millions of people living with an abuser right now that have no idea they’re being abused.


It can be very difficult for someone that has been suffering from abuse to escape the situation. Abuse creates a culture of dependency, where the human spirit becomes so broken that it doesn’t know how to live without the person that abuses them. When someone plays that significant a role in your life – good or bad – not only is getting away a challenge, but recovering from that abuse can be a lifelong battle.

Overcoming and Recovering From Abuse; whether you’re in an abusive relationship now, or you are trying to recover from the abuse of your past, an abuse counsellor in Calgary can be a healthy and helpful way to make sure that you’re able to see real, positive change.

Abuse often takes place over a significant period of time, and it can take years to recover – especially without help. Recovering from abuse often involves:

Abuse isn’t a single issue, and so abuse counselling isn’t about a single problem. It’s there to help work with you as a whole person, so that you can start to recover from the abuse and see a happier life in the future.


The sooner you start to seek out help for any type of abuse, the sooner you can recover.

You do not have to try to recover from abuse on your own. At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we employ trained and experienced abuse counsellors that understand how delicate any abuse situation is, and what it means to go through the process of recovery.

Contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today to learn more about our abuse counselling services, and to get started as we facilitate the healing process.

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